Monday, March 24, 2008

Spring Break "To Do" List

I wish my list included things like sleep late, have lunch with the girls....but I guess I will just have to put those two things on the top of my summer break list!

* Get rid of some junk! We used to move about every 5 years which was great because I would have to pack and get rid of junk. We have been in our house for 6 years and it is time to get rid of some stuff.

* Clean. And then clean some more.

* Take the kids swimming at the Y.

* Go to the zoo when my Dad is down for a visit.

* Eat at Friendly's* near the zoo with my Dad and the kids. (I grew up going to Friendlys, but the only one that I know of in NC is near the zoo).

* Clean out Hannah's closet.

* Bring Jazzie to the vet.

* Move weight bench to storage, I am pretty sure Ben won't need it until high school.

* Hound, I mean call local SW to check status on our application for "nonrecurring adoption costs". Check with your state to see if they offer this program. This is for families adopting children with SN's and your application must be submitted before your adotion is completed. You can receive up $2000 to offset medical or other adotion costs.

* Blog. I have had 2 posts floating around my head for some time....need to get them posted.

* Write an IEP for a student/parent meeting for Monday when we get back from spring break. (what was I thinking!)

*Make an appointment for Sophie's re-adoption...before our homestudy agency(which is also an adoption agency) goes out of business. They sent all their clients letters stating that they are in dire financial need due to Guatamala and Vietnam suspending adoptions.

* Submit application to have student loan forgiven. (if you are a teacher with student loans and have worked for 5 years of more in a low income school in a high need area such as math, science or special education you can have up to $17,500 of your student loan forgiven!)

* Get Sophie's blood work done for her April MRI

* Last but not least.....Enjoy time with my kids:)


Blogger Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

that sounds like a pretty big list for spring break!! I need to get busy on Maddy's readoption too!

9:55 AM  

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