Thursday, July 31, 2008

Not Much Going On.....Thank God!

After a crazy month of July filled with family visits (my mom first then my sister and her crew), and a fun road trip to Georgia I find that I am just a wee bit tired!

The good news that there isn't much left on the calendar before we head back to school....the bad news is that I head back to school in three weeks. Can you hear my sobs??? Although I do love my job....part time would be perfect for me. Well perfect if I could make the same chump change they pay me to work full time! I need to work, not just to pay my bills but for my sanity. I need something to get me up and out of bed or I will be in my pj's all day shopping on the internet!

Hmmm well here is a kiddo update:

Sophie is perfecting whining. Please make it stop. Her newest thing is if we are in a public place and a stranger stops to talk to her, she points to me and says "Mommy". I guess she is making sure they know she isn't leaving with them! It also seems that every man is Dada and any picture that she sees with a woman holding a baby is Mommy. She is hopping, running and climbing....looks like I might need to sign her up at the L*ttle Gym this fall.

Ben is huge. Ok well huge for Ben:) He went to his friends’ lake house for a few days (Hannah response to this "man, why don't I have any friends with summer houses???"). I can't believe that he is going in to the 8th grade. He recently was headed to a friends house when the mom of the boy he was walking with informed that there was a possibility that a girl was at the other boys house where they were heading to hang out.( Did ya follow all that??) She wanted to know our "policy" on this.... hmmmm 3 boys and 1 girl in a house with no parents home.....sounds like a future clinic appointment to me!!! I asked Ben to please call and make sure that the nice girl had gone home, explaining to him that if I found out that there was a girl at the house and that he lied to me that the rest of his summer would suck. He called to verify that the girl had gone home. Fine with me. I have to believe that he is telling the truth....but I did call 30 minutes later to check with Ben that if fact "there were no boobs in the house". Ahhhh I just love adolescents.

Hannah is busy getting ready for middle school. Getting ready for middle school includes shopping. Endless evaluations of book bags, and wanting to leave the county to go shopping so "no one has the same outfit on". (Can you imagine your first day of middle school and someone has on the same exact outfit as you!! The horror) I am pretty sure that dear ol'dad is going to have to get a second job to support her need for up to the minute fashions! I think this will be my last summer with Hannah wanting to hang out with me at the pool, I am sure next summer will be filled with middle school friends.

Well, it is 10:00 I probably she get out of my pj's!


Blogger Buckeyes & Eggrolls said...

Only 3 weeks left huh. bummer!
Maddy is like sophie.. every man for a while was Dada! All women with children were Mommy. And, she also points to us and says Mommy/Daddy. they do keep us hopping, right! :0)

Ben, stay away from boobs... they just get in the way anyway, if you don't believe me, ask any woman.. LOL

Hannah.. have a fun-filled year in middle school. You'll have a blast I'm sure! Keep smilin' and keep stylin!

8:26 PM  

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